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 Health Maximization

Rooted Health Summit

 & Gesundheit-Maximierung 

Living an optimal life is based on your every day habits and relies on your understanding of nutrition, the microbiome, environmental toxicities, stress management, overcoming internal blocks, recovery therapies, spirituality and the science of aging well. The summit brings you the power of knowledge to maximize your health and well-being, the foundation that makes success in all areas of your life possible.

London, UK - Stuttgart, Germany - Washington DC, USA

International Summit

Life-changing information is presented via in-person seminars by leading experts in their fields and representatives of cutting edge businesses in health. Experience a fascinating weekend, while networking and meeting other like-minded people. Take control of your own health and grow a deeper understanding for an optimal life.

London Meetup

Inspired by the King's College London module of Women's Mental Health, this group aims to raise awareness of published scientific findings to improve and maintain well-being throughout the lifespan. 

The lack of attention dedicated to men's mental health, reflected in the absence of such a programme for men, is addressed in this group and gives men a source of scientific information related to their mental health. How far this resonates with the individual man can be discussed and debated. 

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